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Bryanston shop 03The Naturally Yours Wellness Centre is situated on the corner of Main and Culross Roads in the heart of bustling Bryanston/ Fourways, Sandton area, opposite the Dimension Data Campus. The Centre is pioneering a ground-breaking concept in wellness promotion. It offers a range of complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine and retail stores, all under one roof.

Chamilla 1I am a successful business woman in my own right. When I look at my life currently in South Africa I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with this western way of living. I feel I am paying more and more taxes to support an un-sustainable way of life. Nothing serves me. The farming system that provides my food does not serve me, or the earth, the pharmaceutical system does not serve my health. It does not prolong life, sustain life, elongate life, support life or any of the things that a normal human being needs in order to have a normal balanced, harmonious life.