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Jane Mackenzie - Nutritional Practitioner

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Contact Person: Jane Mackenzie
Occupation / Service:
  • Scio Practitioner
Office Number: 0834596208
Mobile Number: 0834596208
Floor: Ground Floor
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Jane Mackenzie is a Regenerative Nutrition Consulting Pharmacist with and MBA and Intl Cert. in Nutrition and compounding pharmacist for Heavenly Harmony Ormus Gold Nutrient Dense Foods for the Future.  She is a Nutrigenomist and has done extensive research to determine why we get sick, diseases, symptoms, treatments and cures. She confirms that ‘Our Food is Our Medicine and Our Medicine is Our Food’ (Hippocrates). Important areas of research include nutrient dense foods, detoxification of parasites, heavy metals, xeno-oestrogens and other chemicals, weight loss, anti-aging, non-toxic cancer support, gut health, hormone balancing, inflammatory diseases, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, heart, circulation, brain and neurotransmitter functioning.

There are several factors which contribute to optimum health and these include eating nutrient dense food full of life force (electron and microbe rich), detoxification and emotional health. Then together with lifestyle factors such as sunlight, exercise, sleep, hydration, oxygen and social interaction this leads to a balance.

Patients vary from chronically ill to those who are aiming to achieve advanced states of health. The same basic principles apply. Hippocrates also stated that ‘All disease begins in the gut’. The gut microbiome is crucial to digesting and enhancing absorption of valuable nutrients. She brews a standard and imprinted probiotic with 80 live strains!

“My passion is to empower people to achieve optimum health and wellness through Personal Nutrition Profiling consultations, Talks, Workshops and Seminars. I have also developed a unique range of natural, organic and wild crafted nutrient dense foods called Heavenly Harmony Ormus Gold which I use as medicine to heal, clean and balance the body.”

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Jane currently works at Weleda Bryanston on a Wednesday consulting with patients using the fully comprehensive scio machine or short consults using the Quantum 400. Appointments can be made with Jane or though the pharmacy. 011 463 3604/5